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What is Saber?

Saber is an automated market maker and liquidity pool on Solana designed for extremely efficient trading between similarly priced (pegged) assets, without an opportunity cost.

This trading activity results in fees for providers of liquidity, resulting in a safer, lower-risk staking opportunity representing real world transaction volume.

For more information about why Saber is useful, see: Why Saber?

Asset Types

Saber generally allows for trading between assets that mean revert in price. There are several assets that Saber specializes in:

  • USD Stablecoins. There are hundreds of dollar-based stablecoins in existence, ranging from dollar-backed stablecoins like USDC and Tether, decentralized stablecoins such as UST, and native Solana stablecoins such as Cashio.
  • Bridged assets. There are a large number of bridges that lead to Solana, and Saber is the primary liquidity source to exchange between the different bridged assets. One example is the renBTC-BTC pool, which allows swapping between the Ren and FTX versions of Bitcoin. Many stablecoins are also bridged assets; Saber is the primary way for Solana users to navigate between different chains.
  • Staking derivatives. Saber is the largest venue for trading SOL staking derivatives such as Marinade SOL and Lido SOL.


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