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Merge Mining

Quarry originally started as a single token liquidity mining rewards system; however, when partnering with other protocols one may want to distribute multiple tokens as rewards. The Quarry Merge Mine system allows miners to farm multiple rewards programs with a single deposit.

There are two types of Quarries in the merge mine system: primary quarries and replica quarries:

  • Primary quarries are quarries that must hold the actual underlying token. You can only stake into one primary quarry at a time. Example: Saber mSOL-SOL LP primary quarry only emits SBR.
  • Replica quarries are quarries that do not need to hold the underlying token, and are used for joint liquidity mining. You may stake into multiple replica quarries or only one on top of a primary quarry. You will never be able to stake into a replica quarry that does not have a primary quarry.