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The Saber Registry

The Saber Registry is an automatically generated JSON list of all Saber pools. It contains metadata not present on-chain which may be useful if displaying pool information.

Pools List

The pools list is available at

The list contains the following info for each pool:

  • id: the unique user-friendly ID of the pool, used in the URL
  • tokens: the tokens backing the pool
  • tokenIcons: the tokens backing the pool in the order that they should be rendered. E.g. USDC-USDT should be rendered as USDT-USDC.
  • underlyingIcons: the tokenIcons, unwrapped for their underlying assets. This is generally only different than tokenIcons for decimal wrapped tokens.
  • currency: the currency category of the pool, all uppercase. A pool generally only trades against other pools with the same currency.
  • lpToken: token information of the LP token.
  • plotKey: Deprecated. This is the key of the Plot in the old Saber farming system.
  • swap: The pool config and state.
  • quarry: Key of the Quarry associated with the official Saber liquidity mining program.