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How To Use Quarry

Step 1: Select a Rewarder

The first thing you will have to do is select a Rewarder on the Browse Rewarders page.

This opens a Rewarder Page, which includes all the Quarries available for you to stake into & receive that rewarder's token (for example, Soluna).

Step 2: Select a Quarry

Different Quarries offer different APY's which are calculated based on:

  • Total value staked in the Primary Quarry's base token (for example, $ amount of Saber UST-solUST LP).
  • Total daily emissions $ amount across value staked.
  • Assumes rate would remain the same over the course of 1 year.

In reality these rates change as users move in and out of Quarries, and rewarders fund new rewards & others end their rewards. It is important to select a Quarry in which you have a favorable outlook on the token being staked as well as the token used for rewards.

Let's say you select the Saber UST-solUST LP which provides ~15% APY with two tokens tokens.

Step 3: Connect your wallet and deposit the Quarry's required token. In our example this would be a Saber UST-solUST LP token which we can acquire by depositing liquidity to saber.

Step 4: Claim rewards.