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Quarry is designed to be used as a tool that becomes more decentralized over time. Since the launch of Quarry, every time a new protocol wanted to get listed as a rewarder our team had to manually support onboarding. This was a strain on our resources & so we created a onboarding flow that protocols can go through on the website to create their Rewarder & Quarries.

Once teams are happy with their Quarries they must submit a PR to our Github registry with a config file containing the Rewarder information in order to show up on the official website.

This guide is aimed at two types of users:

  • User A: Protocols that already have a reward token
  • User B: New protocols that haven't launched their token yet

These users usually fall into one of three categories:

  1. They are looking to provide rewards to their own Quarries.
  2. They are looking to provide rewards to other protocols' existing Quarries.
  3. Both.

Note: Any SPL token can only have 1 Primary Quarry for users to stake into. For example, Saber UST-solUST LP can only be staked into the Saber UST-solUST Primary Quarry. Any other Rewarder can create a Replica Quarry for any Primary Quarry and provide their reward token to users staking into the Primary Quarry. There is no limit on how many Replica Quarries may exist on a single Primary Quarry.

These are the most important notes to keep in mind before launching a Quarry:

  • In order to create any kind of Quarry (doesn't matter what category you fall into) you will need to launch a Rewarder. The Rewarder will automatically create a Mint Wrapper which you can set the metadata of in order to be recognizable. The Mint Wrapper is the actual token minted by the Quarry program and sent to stakers.

  • If you already have a reward token, you should make the Mint Wrapper token be named: Your Token Name IOU token & have a recognizable icon. This also means you will need to fund the Redeemer with your underlying token & users will need to accept a second transaction to convert their IOU when claiming. You must be the mint authority of the underlying token. (????)

  • If you have not already launched a reward token, you should make the Mint Wrapper token the official reward token. In this case you do not need to fund the Redeemer. This only applies to User B.