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Allbridge Assets


Allbridge is a multi chain token bridge that enables trustless transfer of assets between Solana, Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, Celo, Binance Smart Chain, and a number of other blockchains. It works via a network of validators which burn and unlock wrapped and native tokens across these blockchains to empower trustless bridging

How To Bridge

There is a video guide provided by allbridge available. An example of bridging from Ethereum to Solana is shown below; other blockchains follow the same process.

First, head to the Allbridge token bridge and select Ethereum as the source blockchain and Solana as the destination. Make sure you have enough ETH and SOL in both wallets to pay for transactions on both blockchains. Select which asset you'd like to bridge (we'll use ETH) and connect your Ethereum wallet.

Next, paste in your Solana address (for a wallet you control) and send the tokens. Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on Ethereum.

Finally, submit and approve a Solana transaction to receive your funds..

Allbridge Token Abbreviations

The a indicates that the token is wrapped from Allbridge. The optional second letter in the token indicates token origin. So, for example aeDAI indicates Allbridge wrapped DAI bridged from Ethereum, while apDAI indicates Wormhole wrapped DAI bridged from Polygon.