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Saber Public Goods

The Saber team has built or been a major contributor to a wide variety of products and services on the Solana blockchain.

Some applications listed here are closed source. If you would like to contribute to a closed source project, please contact the Saber team at [email protected].

Developer Tools​

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment​

  • Goki CLI - A CLI for deploying programs on the Solana blockchain, with extra safety checks and checksums.
  • DeployDAO Migrator - (unmaintained) A tool for versioning programs and program upgrades.
  • Solana Program Registry - An open registry for transparent, verified builds of Solana programs, binary checksums, and Anchor IDLs. Built on GitHub Actions.
  • - A Solana account explorer and program simulator, built on Anchor.
  • WalletKit by Goki - πŸ”‘ Wallet connector for Solana dApps.
  • Captain - (unmaintained) πŸ§‘β€βœˆ Version control and key management for Solana programs.


  • Sail - ⛡️ A React library for Solana account management and transaction processing.
  • solana-contrib - General Solana utility functions.
  • use-solana - Solana React library.
  • token-utils - SPL Token arithmetic and types.
  • anchor-contrib - TypeScript client for Anchor programs.
  • chai-solana - Chai test helpers for Solana programs.


Smart Contract Libraries​

  • Vipers - πŸ•Ά Assorted checks and validations for writing safer Solana programs.
  • U128 - U128 helpers for Solana programs to make programs more efficient.


Treasury Management​

  • Goki Smart Wallet - Multisig Solana wallet with Timelock capabilities
  • Tribeca - β™œ An open standard and toolkit for launching DAOs on Solana.
  • Venko - Streaming payments and token release.
  • Quarry Mint Wrapper - A mechanism for allowing multiple addresses to mint tokens.
  • Merkle Distributor - πŸ“¦ A smart contract that distributes a balance of tokens according to a Merkle root.



  • spl-token-swap (Stable Curve) - Stable token swap curve used by Orca, Raydium, Atrix, Aldrin, Saros, Penguin, and others
    • Mercurial is based off of this code, but does not use it.
  • TokenDAO - A browser for Solana token lists.
  • The CertifiedΒ© Token List - An aggregated token list, managed by protocols.
  • CertifiedΒ© Limit Book - (unmaintained) A powerful, fully decentralized crypto exchanged powered by Solana and Serum.
  • Quarry - ⛏ An open protocol for launching liquidity mining programs on Solana.
  • Crate Protocol - A composable primitive for tokenized baskets of assets.
  • Arrow Protocol - Protocol for launching staking derivatives for communities and DAOs.
  • Sencha - An automated market maker based on the constant product invariant.
  • Traction - An American options protocol.