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The Saber protocol consists of several programs:

  • The Stable Swap program, which handles creating LP tokens and swapping
  • The Saber Periphery, which consists of:
    • The Decimal Wrapper, which handles adjustments of decimals
    • The Continuation Router, which routes between different Saber pools and the Add Decimal program atomically in one transaction.
    • The Lockup, which controls the tokens released to the Saber team and pre-token investors
    • The Mint Proxy, which handles the issuance of new Saber tokens
    • The Redeemer, which allows burning an "IOU" token for a Saber token

Liquidity Mining

Liquidity mining is handled by the Quarry protocol.


Governance is handled by Tribeca. Documentation on its programs may be found on the Tribeca documentation site.